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get to know me meme [3/10] tv shows - prison break

"when i was young, i couldn’t sleep at night because i thought there was a monster in the closet. but my brother told me there wasn’t anything in the closet but fear, and fear wasn’t real. he said it wasn’t made of anything, it was just air. not even that. he said you just have to face it. you just have to open that door, and the monster would disappear. in here though, you face your fear. you open that door, and there’s a hundred more doors behind it. and the monsters that are hiding behind them are all real.”

Season one.


Why can’t he understand that I need to finish this? Everything that happened, it all started with The Company. ~ Maybe not for Lincoln. Maybe for him, this all started with his baby brother breaking him out of prison.

Happy 9th Anniversary Prison Break! (August 29th 2005)

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'…That's why you always felt guilty. Why you were always throwing yourself over the cliff after Lincoln was already dead at the bottom. It's why you went to prison and pissed your life away.'

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"I've got them on me."

welcome to prisneyland, fish.