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compass - a michael/sara fanmix

1. compass - zella day 2. crossfire - brandon flowers 3. summertime sadness - lana del ray 4. at your door - alexi murdoch 5. breezeblocks - alt j 6. devil’s backbone - the civil wars 7. i saw an angel - sarah wayne callies 8. i’m into you - chet faker 9. indian lover - lakes 10. my love - sia 11. skeleton key - washington 12. take me to church - hozier 13. taking you there - broods 14. the blowers daughter - scala and the kolacny bros 15. valium - lisa mitchell 16. when you sleep - mary lambert 17. willow tree march - paper kites



Sexual orientation: Wentworth Miller yelling orders.

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→ endless list of favorite knepper characters

01. teddy bagwell | prison break |2005-2009

Michael + hands in pockets

Prison Break Season 3: A summary

I just want to point out how sloppy michael scofield was in prison break


idk what kind of episode, but at some point you see him removing his hard drive from his laptop, with all his prison research on it, and throwing it into what I believe was the Hudson river?

anyway….that’s really sloppy….for a guy who’s THAT smart, you would expect he would rub a big powerful magnet across his hard drive several times, best would be if he brought it to a junkyard and let it get sucked up by one of those magnet things!

after that, fucking drill holes in it!

and then put each disk of the hard drive separately in a microwave!

but no lets throw my entire archive of prison research in the river, because water will permanently destroy it! my USB stick as survived 7 trips to the washing machine, but one swoop of a magnet and it’s destroyed….

and even though you’ve been off television for several years now, I still think it’s very sloppy of you mister scofield…..

You wanna sing, then sing.But you know what I think? You don’t have the guts. You want out of here just as much as the rest of us.

Michael and his beanie